In the past, achieving glossy finish for car paint was expensive and inaccessible.  As a result, some of the car owners will spend more money for detailers just to have shiny finish. Thankfully with the help of powerful products such as Mother CMX Ceramic Spray, you can now maintain your car paint without paying more. In just a simple spray on and wipe off, you can enjoy glossy finish with long lasting paint protection. 

If you are looking for the proper and easiest way to apply mother cmx ceramic spray, you’re in the right place. We curated the 8 simple steps to give you the best result possible for your vehicle.

What is Mother Cmx Ceramic Spray?

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Mother CMX Ceramic Spray is a revolutionary hydrophobic protective coating. It helps repel dirt and water from the paint surface. This coating is affordable, easy to use and an ultra durable paint protection formula. Ceramic coating such as mother cmx ceramic spray is a good option if you want your vehicle to get protected from weather, scratches, dust, spills and any other element. It uncorked the real secret to vehicle maintenance by combining powerful penetrating surfactants and state-of-the-art water softening polymers. This product protects your car paint from wash-induced scratches and swirls.

If you are planning to DIY and apply mother cmx ceramic spray, make sure to have basic automotive detailing skills, patience and willingness to maintain what you have started. For this paint protection it is recommended to wash your car every 2-3 weeks for better results. 


What are the steps needed for Mothers CMX?  

The following steps are listed to give the best result possible for your vehicles. Just follow the simple steps below. 


1. Clean the Car

Before you can start applying the mother cmx ceramic spray, wash your car first. This will ensure to remove all the remaining dirt, grime and other contaminants on the paint surface. It is recommended to wash and rinse it with one clean water and another bucket with freshwater. 


2. Paint Preparation & Correction

After removing all the dirt, grime and contaminant, next you can now  look at scratches, swirls and faded paint. In this step, the paint will be corrected to smoothen the surface in preparation for the ceramic coating application. By using rubbing compounds and plolish, the surface will be corrected.

After correcting, use Isopropyl alcohol and a clean microfiber cloth to wipe down any excess polish, waxes and oils. This process will ensure the coating to bond properly with the surface.


3. Apply and Mist the Mother CMX Ceramic Spray onto microfiber

After ensuring that the surface is clean and clear, now ensure the panel is cool to touch. Use a microfiber towel and mist the product onto the surface. Spread out the product evenly across the surface until it disappears. Wait 10 or so minutes for the ceramic coating to bond with the surface. 


4. Spread evenly and thoroughly over a wet or dry surface

Mother Cmx Ceramic Spray

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After spraying the product, spread out evenly across the surface until it disappears. Wait 10 or so minutes for the ceramic coating to bond with the surface. 


5. Allow few minutes for the coating to bond

Once the product disappears, allow a few minutes for the coating to bond over the surface. This will give you a longer lasting result. Because the best result is achieved on a well applied surface. 


6. Buff the surface with a clean towel until clean and clear

Mothers cmx Ceramic Spray

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With a separate and clean microfiber, Buff the surface until achieving a clean and clear finish. Change to a clean and dry microfiber towel until it becomes saturated. 


7. To increase dept and protection apply additional layer

To increase dept, durability and protection, you can apply additional layers. But it is best to allow a 24 hours interval between coats for optimum bond. 


8. Repeat Step 4-6

For small touch ups in a specific area, just repeat the steps 4-6 until you get your desired finish. 


Mothers CMX Ceramic Spray on Glass

This question is very popular, if you are one of the few who is curious about it, the answer is – No and it is not advisable.Since cmx was developed for automotive paint finishes, applying or testing it on glass is not recommended. On the other hand, there are other Ceramic coatings, like Armor Shield IX, that you can apply to car paint, wheels, fiberglass, vinyl wraps, PPF, and yes – glass. 


Mothers CMX Ceramic Spray on Windshield

Since mother cmx ceramic spray provides glossy and clear finish. This helps ensure maximum visibility to your windshield. Thus, cmx not just provides you paint protection, instead it can give you safety driving and easier endeavor. 


Mothers CMX Ceramic Spray on Plastic

Automotive ceramic coatings provide a protective layer and can be applied to nearly any surface, ranging from bare metal to car headlights (made of polycarbonate plastic mainly), vinyl wraps, alloy, and chrome wheels, and yes, even plastic trim.


Mothers CMX Ceramic Spray Coating vs Meguiars

Both products offer durability, ease of use, and shiny finish. With Mothers their metal polishes, wheel cleaners, and spray wax are the best it can give maximum protection. With Meguiar’s, their paint polishes and waxes perform pretty well. Both of them offer a great vinyl/rubber protectant. 


Mothers CMX Ceramic Spray Coating Worth It?

In many cases, applying mother cmx ceramic spray coating to your paint is absolutely worth the price. It provides not just a glossy finish but also serves as great protection against contaminants and minor scratches. This coating will make your vehicle easier to clean and maintain. The durability is very impressive and with proper maintenance the result will take a month or more. The water beading is still 100% active and the added gloss is still present.