Electronic Rust Proofing

Couplertec Rust Protection is a unique patented capacitive coupling automation. It helps by shielding cars from highly expensive deterioration and rusting. Professionally installed Metal Armour our environmentally friendly products are backed by a 10 Year Warranty Conditions.

A vehicle’s life span will differ from the amount of care you put into it. You cannot avoid exposure to air moisture, air pollutants, and dirt. If you are residing near Burleigh Heads QLD or are driving near a beach with salt water every now and then the salt particles will mix with the air. It may cause severe harm to your vehicle. Furthermore, leaving your vehicle outdoors may put rust damage caused by harmful elements.

Elements such as rain, dust, snow, dirt, and even bird droppings. Exposure to these may weaken your vehicle’s metal gears consequential to the gathering. Because of this, people were able to invent and use rust shielding in the vehicle to avoid these kinds of damages.

There is a wide range of rust protection you can find in the market today. Almost all promise to achieve a rust-free vehicle. But how can you determine the best rust prevention service used for your vehicle? This is the reason why before buying or availing of computerized deterioration inhibitors or any environmentally friendly, it is important to know what it is and how many benefits you can get. At Ceramic Paint Protection and Detailing Brisbane, We provide vehicle owners throughout the world with a proven, environmentally friendly, cost-effective removal method of protection against rust, rust removal & corrosion removal.


It is an Iron Oxide, more commonly known as rust. This can be formed when the iron and oxygen react with each other with moisture for a long period of time. The rusting process starts when Iron is subjected to nature’s minerals, chemicals, and temperature fluctuations. Rust, aside from its unattractive look, is generally known to weaken the metal. Luckily, with the help of rust shielding, you can shield and extend your vehicle’s life span. Moreover, this removal process can save you a ton of cash in maintenance. Removal and detailing of these elements would extend your vehicle’s life cycle.

There are two types of rust shielding and detailing that are commonly used around Burleigh Heads Qld by professional detailing companies, chemical rustproofing and electronic rust protection (ERPs). The two have similar goals which are to combat vehicle rust but the two differ in each process. Chemical rustproofing, is a process of using heavy-duty chemical shielding. These environmentally friendly services are backed by 10-year warranty conditions to stop rust from forming and retards further oxidation. ERPs on the other hand use unique patented capacitive coupling automation. Removal of different elements and complete detailing on your vehicle would surely help preserve its value and life cycle.

What is Rustproofing?

It is one of the most useful shieldings for rust and is a modern way of protecting one’s vehicle. It does not just shield the underbody, but it also shields the whole vehicle.

At Ceramic Paint Protection Brisbane, We sought independent expert opinion and testing, thus we only used the world leader for the best shielding from rust, and rust-free structures. Its patented capacitive coupling automation is fully digitally controlled using state-of-the-art microprocessor automation or corrosion control process and is a wholly-owned and operated Australian company based at Burleigh Heads QLD. Our environmentally friendly products are backed by 10-year warranty conditions and customer reviews making it the world’s best dealer on the market. Couplertec is capacitive coupling automation that protects any type of motor, cars, trucks, buses, heavy machinery equipment, tower generators, and sheds. Heavy machinery equipment tractors forklifts graders loaders dozers excavators cranes etc. Car detailing and removal of different elements such as rust, grime, rain, and dust among others would greatly benefit and protect your vehicle both in the short term and long term. Removal of these elements is crucial in preserving your investment.

Couplertec ERP

Is Capacitive Coupling Automation is a world leader in the best shielding from rust and our systems are fully digitally controlled using state-of-the-art microprocessor automation and ERP structure or a deterioration control process. You can use it on any mobile or fixed above-ground non-submerged application. This can be applied in any type of motor car, heavy machinery/equipment, tower generators, and sheds. Motor vehicles, cars, trucks, buses, and heavy machinery equipment. Heavy machinery equipment tractors forklifts graders loaders dozers excavators cranes etc. By Capacitive Coupling Automation, you can be used on any mobile or fixed above-ground non-submerged application.

Is a one-time installation that can efficiently prevent and stop rust on any vehicle also on yours! The Couplertec system is a fully environmentally friendly product that hugely prolongs the lifespan of vehicles. More than 750,000 structures are fully environmentally friendly products and have been sold worldwide making this company based at Burleigh Heads Australia’s Gold Coast the world leader for the best shielding, car detailing, and removal from rust in the country.

How Does The System Work?

Couplertec Rustproofing Automation functions as capacitors. It consists of two major components: the module which is connected to a 12V power source either a 12V Battery or a 12V power pack plugged into mains power (mainly used for static structures) and the capacitive coupler. The capacitive coupler serves as a conductive plate that is affixed directly onto the surface using a high-bond adhesive. For the module, It generates frequency signals in the 200KHz range, strong enough to easily be read on a multi-meter. If the module is working correctly, a green light will flash. If the structure detects a fault, it will turn into red light.

By the use of a module as a power source, a capacitive coupler charged by the output voltage acts as the positive plate of the capacitor. Capacitive coupler frequency with capacitance induces the electrostatic surface charge to the metal surface of the structure. This makes the structure act as the negative plate of the capacitor. Electrons are accumulated between the positive and negative plates of the capacitor

By creating a negative (-) electrostatic surface charge on the metal surface, the (-) oxygen atom is now repelled. In other words, the technology interferes with the metal’s ability to react with oxygen.

The protected structure’s paintwork becomes compromised (exposed bare metal, e.g. stone chip or scratch), then over time a very thin layer of surface rust may eventually form on the bare metal surface. This layer of surface rust takes the place of the paintwork and becomes the dielectric, which in turn holds the charge static. The surface rust will turn a dark brown color; this is non-active ferric oxide and will not progress any further. It’s a one-time installation, is also environmentally friendly, and has a 10-year warranty!

Benefits of Rust Protection

Over time, Rust-free technology becomes the world leader for the best shielding from rust around the country. This shielding helps preserve the beauty of your vehicle’s finish and keeps the vehicle’s resale value from decreasing. Here are some other benefits you can get:

  • Prolongs the life of your vehicle – Since rust can really take a toll on your vehicle. Thus, it will be in good hands if you have the right shielding.
  • More chances of selling it at a great price – You should decide on selling it, buyers will be impressed because your vehicle might still look brand new because of its shielding.
  • Safer travels – rust and corrosion can compromise your vehicle over time. If you let rust take over your vehicle, metal scraps can fall off easily.
  • Save money in the long run – If you allow rust to be in your vehicle, it can also spread to your vehicle’s engine, cables, and lines. That would be painful if this happens. So if you have chemical rustproofing on your vehicle, rust will be avoided, having your vehicle avoid unnecessary repairs.

Having this shielding can definitely prolong the life of your vehicle. It also avoids future rust damage and additional maintenance cost. Ceramic Paint Protection Brisbane in partnership with Timeless Car Cleaning is a detailing company based at Burleigh Heads Australia’s Gold Coast that is an expert with ERPs. Aside from it, we also do chemical and ceramic paint protection.

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Designed to protect the Four Wheel Drive or SUV vehicle from rust, this system may also benefit older 4WD vehicles that are suffering from minor existing rust problems


This system offers the ultimate in shielding specifically designed to protect Four Wheel Drive vehicles used by Surf Life Saving Clubs and Professional Fisherman.



Full Under body Chemical
Rust Stop
Heavy Duty 4 Pad Electronic
Rust Proofing
Our environmentally friendly products are backed by a 10 Year Warranty Conditions



Full Under body Chemical
Rust Proofing
Extreme 6 Pad Electronic
Rust Stop
Our environmentally friendly products are backed by a 10 Year Warranty Conditions


  • The best shielding you can have on your investment is a combination of electronic and chemical for 100% vehicle coverage. Detailing and removal of different contaminants is key to preserving your investment.
  • Rust occurs when electrons are being removed from steel, the unit supplies electrons to the entire body of the vehicle from the battery so corrosion is either slowed in extreme cases or cannot occur. Removal of contaminants such as dirt, grime, rain, among others is crucial to rust prevention. Getting your vehicle detailed is also a must.
  • Yes, the best lead time for bookings is 1 week.
  • Yes, talk with a representative about this and a bulk discount will be applied. The same goes for any vehicle detailing service that you will be availing of.
  • It will not affect any treatments.
  • A combination of both is required for the best possible shielding and all-around coverage. Also, removal of contaminants and getting it detailed as soon as possible is the best shielding you will ever need.
  • It’s Australian made and the best in the business.
  • No. It is an approved accessory as long as it’s professionally installed.
  • Warranted for 10 years but the unit will last much longer than that. Like any electronic there is no exact failure time.
  • We do and for our customers they are free. If you avail of a combination of our rust-proofing services, we will also throw in a free contaminant inspection and removal and a discounted price if you also avail of our detailing services.
  • No, it is designed not to interfere with any other electrical components on a fully modified vehicle.
  • You can apply a rust shielding system and slow down the current erosion, we can also remove the flaking rust for you at $50p/h using sandblasting and wire system brushing techniques.
  • Price starts at $495 for regular vehicles and go up to $995 for large 4wd.
  • Card, cash and Afterpay.
Electronic Rust Protection Systems, Electronic Rust Prevention Systems, ERPS system
An electronic rust protection system (ERPS) is designed to keep your electronic equipment free from rust. ERPS is often found on electronic components such as computer chips, circuit boards, and transformers. It is a simple, inexpensive way to prevent corrosion. It is one of the best ways to preserve the value of your motor vehicles among other vehicles.