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Electronic rust proofing is a unique capacitive coupling technology. It helps protect vehicles from highly expensive corrosion and rusting. Professionally installed Metal Armour or Couplertec and comes with a 10 Year Nationwide corrosion Warranty.

A car’s life span will differ from the amount of care you put into it. You cannot avoid exposure to moisture, air pollutants, and dirt. If you are residing near a coast or is driving near a beach every now and then the salt particles will mix with the air. It may cause severe harm to your vehicle. Furthermore, leaving your vehicle outdoor may put damage from harmful elements. Elements such as rain, dust, snow, dirt, and even bird droppings. Exposure to these may weaken your car’s metal gears consequential to the gathering. Also, the growth of rust will decrease your vehicle’s life span. Because of this, people were able to invent and uses protections to the car to avoid these kinds of damages.

What is Rust?

It is an Iron Oxide, or more commonly known as rust. This can be form when the iron and oxygen reacts with moisture for a long period of time. Rust, aside from its unattractive look, is generally known to weaken metal. Luckily, with the help of rust proofing, you can protect and extend your vehicle’s life span. Moreover, this process can save you a ton of cash in maintenance.

What is Electronic Rust Proofing?

One of the most useful protection is electronic rust proofing Brisbane. It is a modern way of protecting one’s car. It does not just protect the underbody, but it also protects the whole car. We specifically use Couplertec Electronic Rust Proofing Systems. CouplerTec Electronic Rust Proofing is a wholly-owned and operated Australian company based on Burleigh Heads Australia’s Gold Coast. Supported by a 10 year written warranty making it the best on the market.

Couplertec Electronic Rust Proofing System

Couplertec ERP is an electronic corrosion control process. You can use it on any mobile or fixed above ground (non-submerged) application. This can apply it in any type of motor vehicle, heavy machinery/equipment, towers, generators and sheds. Vehicle such as cars, trucks and buses. Heavy machinery like tractors, forklifts, graders, loaders, dozers, excavators and cranes. By using CouplerTec’s Patented Capacitive Coupling Technology, it protects almost any above-ground metal structure.

Benefits of Electronic Rust Proofing

Rust proofing helps preserve the beauty of your car’s finish and keeps the vehicle resale value from decreasing. Here are some benefits you can get from elEctronic rust proofing.

  1. Prolongs the life of your vehicle – Since rust can really take a toll on your car. Thus, it will be in good hands if you have rust protection and paint protection if you can.
  2. More chance of selling it on a great price – Should you decide on selling it, buyers will be impressed because your car might still look brand new because of the rust protection.
  3. Safer travels – Corrosion and rust can compromise your car over time. If you let rust take over your car, metal scraps can fall off easily.
  4. Save money in the long run – If you allow rust to be in your car, it can also spread to your vehicle’s engine, cables, and lines. That would be painful if this happens. So if you have chemical rustproofing on your car, rust will be avoided, having your car avoiding unnecessary repairs.

Having this protection can definitely prolong the life of your vehicle. It also avoids your future damages and future costs for repair. Ceramic Protection in partnership with Timeless Car Cleaning is a detailing company based in Brisbane who is an expert with electronic rust proofing. Aside from electronic rust proofing, we also do chemical rust proofing and ceramic paint protection.



Designed to protect the Four Wheel Drive or SUV vehicle from rust, this system may also benefit older 4WD vehicles that are suffering from minor existing rust problems



This system offers the ultimate in protection specifically designed to protect Four Wheel Drive vehicles used by Surf Life Saving Clubs and Professional Fisherman.



Full Under body Chemical
Rust Proofing
Heavy Duty 4 Pad Electronic
Rust Proofing
10 year corrosion warranty



Full Under body Chemical
Rust Proofing
Extreme 6 Pad Electronic
Rust Proofing
10 year corrosion warranty