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Rust Roofing Services in Strathpine

Our Rust Proofing Services in Strathpine

Whenever you are in need to find rust proofing services in Strathpine, be sure to call Ceramic Coating Spray Protection first. With the help of our experts, you’ll never have to look further in the Brisbane area. We are giving you the maximum protection for a very affordable price. Still unsure for our service? You can request for a FREE Quote for our detailed information of all our quality services or you may also call us at 0423 516 449.

Rust is one of the most common problems encountered by any type of vehicle. It is also called iron oxide that can be formed when iron oxide and oxygen reacts with moisture. In a period of time if not prevented, rust can weaken any metal components of your vehicle.

However with the use of rust proofing services it can slow down rust formation and extend your vehicle’s life span. Today there are numerous rust proofing services in the market. So wherever you are in Strathpine, to give you ease, we will provide one of the best rust proofing services you can find.

Ceramic Protection offers two types of rust proofing services, chemical rust proofing and electronic rust proofing. For both services, we offer different packages that suit any of your rust protection needs. We also offer tinting services, for more information check out tint a car now!

Chemical Rust Proofing

By using chemicals in protecting your car from rust is one of the common, easy and affordable rust proofing services today. Ceramic Protection uses heavy duty chemical protection products that are perfect to any type of vehicle. This protection product will serve as a shield that stops rust from forming and retards further oxidation of any minor rust that’s already present. Some of the benefits you can get from our chemical rust proofing service are durability, higher resale value, great investment and you can maintain great vehicle appeal. Below are the following packages you can choose from.

Underbody Chemical Rust Proofing – $595
Heavy Duty Chemical Rust Proofing – $895

Electronic Rust Proofing

For us to provide quality services for our valued and loyal customers, we only use Couplertec Electronic Rust Proofing System. CouplerTec™ is a australian manufacturer that is known to be the world’s best rust protection provider. For years now, the company provides proven, environmentally friendly, and cost effective methods of protection against rust & corrosion. By using CouplerTec’s Patented Capacitive Coupling Technology, any type of vehicle or almost any above-ground metal structure will be protected.

Our electronic rust proofing services in Strathpine use Couplertec Electronic Rust Proofing System. This helps protect vehicles from highly expensive corrosion and rusting. We offer heavy duty packages for maximum protection. Each offers a different heavy duty pad system with 10 year corrosion warranty.

Heavy Duty 4 Pad System – $895

This rust proofing service in Strathpine is designed to protect any four wheel or SUV vehicle from rust, this system may also benefit older 4WD vehicles that are suffering from minor existing rust problems. It offers heavy duty 4 pad electronic rust proofing and with 10 years corrosion warranty.

Extreme Duty 4 Pad System – $1095

This rust proofing system offers ultimate protection and specifically designed to protect Four Wheel Drive vehicles used by Surf Life Saving Clubs and Professional Fisherman. You can surely achieve maximum rust proofing service because it uses Extreme 6 Pad Electronic

Rust Proofing plus 10 years warranty to achieve long lasting results.

Package Heavy Duty – $1595

Compared from the first two packages, this service offers both chemical and electronic rust proofing. This is to achieve excellent protection from full underbody chemical rust proofing and heavy duty 4 Pad Electronic Rust Proofing plus a 10 year corrosion warranty you can enjoy.

Package Extreme Duty – $1695

Another set of premium packages from our rust proofing services is the Extreme Duty Package. This comes with chemical and electronic rust proofing. It offers Full Under body Chemical

Rust Proofing and another 6 Pad heavy duty electronic rust proofing upgrade for premium result. Like the other packages above, it also has a 10 years warranty.

If you are thinking of Rust Proofing Services in Strathpine for your vehicle then you’re on the right track. Have your vehicle rust proofed only by the best! Contact us today for more information.

Other Ceramic Protection Services in Strathpine

Aside from quality rust proofing service, we also offer other services. If you are looking for paint protection, window tinting and interior protection, then we also cater it wherever you are in Strathpine, check out our other services below.

Ceramic Paint Protection

Our paint protection service offers an outstanding paint enhancement system keeping your vehicle glossy and new. We offer two different packages. Both have its features and benefits, you can check it out below.

Crystal Serum Light Protection (CSL) – $ 800 – $ 1500

  • 9H hardness for swirl and scratch resistance
  • Optically clear ceramic produces incredible gloss
  • Resistant to chemicals pH2-12
  • Slick surface stays cleaner for longer
  • Temperature resistant -40 to +250 deg C
  • 5 Year Nationwide warranty.

Crystal Serum Ultra Protection (CSU) – $1200 to $ 1900

  • 10h hardness for ultimate swirl and scratch resistance
  • Permanent gloss-no need to wax
  • Resistant to chemicals pH2-13
  • Slick surface stays cleaner for longer
  • Temperature resistant -40 to +250 deg C
  • 9 Year Nationwide warranty

Window Tinting

Our Window tinting service in Strathpine uses the best car window tint film that is available in Brisbane Queensland (QLD) today, the sunTek film. It empowers car owners and professional installers by offering a broad selection of window tinting services. Range from quality tint products to expert car window tinting job application

Fabric & Leather Protection

We offer Smart Fabric protection that guards all kinds of fabrics from water-based stains and it is breathable and extremely durable. Making it ideal for your car’s interior to protect you and your family from any harmful germs. This car interior service can help you achieve clean, well-maintained, high-class appearance and cost efficient finish.

Where do We Service for Rust Proofing in Strathpine City?

The map below shows our rust proofing service area: