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Window tinting typically refers to a process of applying transparent sheet of film inside of a vehicle window.


Ceramic Protection Brisbane work closely with trusted tints, enginered with technology that range from time-tested to cutting-edge. We also obtain licenses and quality training services in the latest films and installation techniques to meet your tinting needs.

We offer only the best car window tint film that is available in Brisbane Queensland (QLD) today, the sunTek film. It comes with great and good material to provide the finest car window tinting service to any commercial and private vehicle at a very affordable and reasonable price.

SunTek empowers car owners and professional installers by offering a broad selection of window tinting services. Range from quality tint products to expert car window tinting job application. Each of these able to improve the look and performance of your window glass.

Thus, with our highly up-to-date window tinting solution, your car will be cooler and more comfortable on the inside!

How Window Tinting Helps You And Your Car?

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Car window tinting Brisbane (QLD) is a must since it’s sun is ruthlessly hot. Moreover, it shines all year round and sometimes hinders everyday activities. Exposure to sunlight for over a period of time without applying sunscreen may give you several skin ailments. One of these diseases is actinic keratosis or the formation of crusts and scaling of the skin or worst may evolve to skin cancer. Sunburn is also very common for residents who spend their time outdoors.

Furthermore, too much exposure to Ultraviolet Radiations that sun emits may cause your skin to age, giving it a soggy and dry. To avoid this, tinting your ute’s window and making it black and darker on the inside is absolutely the answer. Its car window tinting Brisbane films block 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays from entering your car and protects your skin from UV damage. These film sheet acts as a barrier and do the job of guarding you and your car from ultraviolet radiations.

Levels of Tint Available

Today numerous tinting business offers a wide range of tint types and different level of darkness. Thus, it is really hard to find the right and legal tint that fits your car. Moreover, considering the range of benefits that black or dark tinted car window can give. No question that most people would prefer to have a more popular darker tint. However, this advantage has a down side. Since black or darker tint block or control visibility or light that pass through your car window, then you can be more prone to accident that can reduce the driver’s visibility. Moreover, it can cause accidents that can result in serious injuries or loss of life. To avoid this, most countries implement a law that determine the darkest legal tint available today.

These laws regulate the VLT (visible light transmission) of tints. Each law is different in certain territories and states. For instance, in Brisbane (QLD), they have certain regulations that you need to be follow before applying any tints. Each of the car tint have a specific VLT (visible light transmission) percentage.

Before we tackle the darkest legal car tint Bribane (QLD), we have to fully understand first what is window tint percentage. Tint percentage represents the amount of light visibility that can pass through your vehicle’s window. This means that the lower the VLT percentage, the darker the tint will appear. For instance, if you have 70% tint, the light block only 30%.

Please see below a simple example image for you to figure out how much light passes through different percentages of tint.

window tinting brisbane

In Brisbane (QLD), windshields may only have a tinted strip on top. Equaling to either 10% of total windshield area, or the portion of the windshield above the reach of windshield wipers, whichever is greater. Front side windows, back side windows and rear window may have 20% VLT or more if the vehicle has two rear view mirrors, or 35% if no mirrors are present. Goods vehicles can have any tint darkness on windows behind the driver.

Advantages of Window Tinting

Sunlight does not only affects living creatures but can also degrade properties. For instance during summer in Brisbane (QLD), you can experience extremely hot temperature. Thus, A car’s interior is highly susceptible to damages inflicted by the sun. It can crack your car seats and creates discoloration of the interior components. If you decide to tint your window, then Ceramic protection car window tinting Brisbane (QLD) will surely help you out! Window Tinting is the process of adding a transparent film on the indoor side of your car window. Here are some of its benefits:

  • Privacyif you need an extra privacy and want to have a cloudy and relaxing view from the inside while anonymously driving. Then adding tint to your car window is indeed a great investment. Since, the visibility from the outside decreases and the inside becomes black or darker. That means that you can enjoy your full privacy and do whatever you want inside without being caught from the outside.
  • ProtectionAdding film sheet to your window is one of the main feature of window tinting. With Its guard film it reduces the Ultraviolet Radiations that goes through your cars window. Also, it makes the interior less prone to damages and in a long run can save your money from upgrading.
  • Health BenefitsWhile driving, your skin and eyes are greatly expose to sunlight. Thus, there’s a need for you to protect yourself from it. Moreover, Ultraviolet Radiation in a long run can leads to more serious sunlight illness. Thus, having your car windows tinted helps and reduces the chances of getting these illnesses.
  • Glare ReductionThrough the window film, You can easily reduces glare from all sources of extreme brightness and heat. This is by blocking UV rays and protecting your eyes and skin from damage. Window tinting also guards your upholstery, furniture and tapestries from discoloration and fading.
  • SecurityWindow tinting provide you full security and maximum protection for you and for your ute interior. Keeping it a scratch and shatter free vehicle. Not only that, you can secure full safety in the event of window breakage, whether from an accident or an attempt break-in.
  • Extra CoolWhen you park your tinted car window outside your home and office or even beside the road. It accumulates less heat compared to a vehicle without any protection. Moreover, Window film creates a more comfortable environment, making your vehicle like your home. It can make a car up to 60% cooler during summertime, preventing your car being extremely hot when you enter it.
Tinting your car is very important. Thus, if you are looking for a highly skilled and professional expert who will tint your car window, contact us today and get your car tinted ASAP. In partnership with the Timeless Group, we provide a premium protection offering for valued customers.

Why Get Your Car Tinted at Ceramic Protection?

At Ceramic Protection, we’re not only popular in paint protection services but we also offer cost-effective tinting solutions. Perfect to any car window tinting needs. For Years now, we provide quality tinted car in Brisbane (QLD) and the surrounding suburbs. Compare to other shop that does not offer lifetime warranty, we only use brands that are backed with quality lifetime warranty.

Our process starts with tinting your car window’s to the very top. Then, apply tint to your rear screen, and only uses the very best products and procedures available to us. Our expert staff will happily help choose the right tinting film. So if you ‘re home is from Brisbane (QLD) and the surrounding suburbs. Please come to visit our physical shop/office or you may contact, call and email us now for more information and to get a free quote!