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Ceramic Services in Springwood

Our Ceramic Services in Springwood:

If you are looking for a reliable and trusted company for ceramic services in Springwood, then Ceramic Protection Brisbane is the perfect authority you can call. We cater all your car detailing and paint protection needs for any type of vehicle. We are an Australian-owned and fully licensed company that is in business for almost a decade.

All our hard working detailers have years of experience, thus we give you assurance on the finest quality and satisfaction. Our tons of satisfied customers, clients and businesses put us as one of the authorities in the industry of ceramic services in Springwood.

One of our primary goals is always to prioritize our customers’ satisfaction, so aside from providing protection, we also do detailing which is also a need for car owners to maintain a showroom finish that will last long.

In living Springwood City, it may be hard for you to find a great company you can trust with a competitive price. You may find a cheap priced service, but there’s no assurance of its result or worst it may damage your car. But the good thing is Ceramic Protection Brisbane can reach you! We support and provide outstanding ceramic services in Springwood. Looking for more information about tint a car? Check this article.

Ceramic Paint Protection

This service promises our valued customer a matchless level of gloss and surface slickness to keep your car looking new with long-lasting results. This comes with two affordable packages you can choose from. You can also check out ceramic coating spray here for more information.


Crystal Serum Light Protection (CSL) that comes with the features and benefits below and costs from $ 800 – $ 1500.

  • 9H hardness for swirl and scratch resistance
  • Optically clear ceramic produces incredible gloss
  • Resistant to chemicals pH2-12
  • Slick surface stays cleaner for longer
  • Temperature resistant -40 to +250 deg C
  • 5 Year Nationwide warranty

Crystal Serum Ultra Protection (CSU) that comes with the features and benefits below and costs from $1200 to $ 1900.

  • 10h hardness for ultimate swirl and scratch resistance
  • Permanent gloss-no need to wax
  • Resistant to chemicals pH2-13
  • Slick surface stays cleaner for longer
  • Temperature resistant -40 to +250 deg C
  • 9 Year Nationwide warranty

Chemical Rust Proofing


We use heavy-duty paint protection products that will work on any vehicles. It permanently stops rust from forming and has an oxidation-resistant formula. This service can help you achieve durability, Higher resale value, great investment and appeal to your vehicle. You can avail out two packages:

  • Underbody Chemical Rust Proofing
  • Heavy Duty Chemical Rust Proofing

Electronic Rust Proofing

Our electronic rust proofing services in strathpine uses Couplertec Electronic Rust Proofing System that helps protect vehicles from highly expensive corrosion and rusting. We offer heavy duty packages for maximum protection. Each offers a different heavy duty pad system with 10 year corrosion warranty.

  • PACKAGES HEAVY DUTY ( Heavy Duty 4 Pad Electronic Rust Proofing + Full Under body Chemical)
  • PACKAGES EXTREME DUTY ( Full Under body Chemical Rust Proofing + Extreme 6 Pad Electronic Rust Proofing)

Fabric & leather Protection

We offer Smart Fabric protection that guards all kinds of fabrics from water-based stains and it is breathable and extremely durable. Making it ideal for your car’s interior to protect you and your family from any harmful germs. This car interior service can help you achieve clean, well-maintained, high-class appearance and cost efficient finish.

Window Tinting

Our Window tinting service in Springwood uses the best car window tint film that is available in Brisbane Queensland (QLD) today, the sunTek film. It empowers car owners and professional installers by offering a broad selection of window tinting services. Range from quality tint products to expert car window tinting job application.

Our Full Ceramic Packages in Springwood


New Car Protection Package – If you recently bought a car and want to maintain its new look, then this package suits you. This full package costs $1495 and below are it’s features and benefits.

  • Crystal Serum Light 9H Ceramic Paint Protection with
  • 5 year Nationwide Warranty
  • Carbon Window Tint
  • Fabric & Leather Protection with Anti Microbial Protection

Premium Protection Package – if you are looking for a premium ceramic protection package in Strathpine that is perfect for your luxury vehicle? Then opt for our Premium Protection Package. This full package costs $1995 and below are it’s features and benefits.

  • Crystal Serum Ultra 10H Premium Ceramic Paint Protection with
  • 9 year Nationwide Warranty
  • High Heat Rejection Ceramic Tint
  • Fabric & Leather Protection with Anti Microbial Protection

If you have questions on a service that you’re unsure of what we do, you can just simply ask us and we will help you in every way that we can. You might have doubts about our offered services, but we can assure you that the quality we will deliver is the best. Grab the phone and dial 0423 516 449 and we’ll take off the rest. You may also request a quote for FREE!

Where do We Service in Springwood City?

The map below shows our ceramic service area: