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Chemical Rust Proofing uses heavy duty chemical protection products which are perfect for protecting your 4WD, ute, truck, commercial vehicle, van, trailer or car against salt and water corrosion. This stops rust from forming and retards further oxidation of any minor rust already present.

Underbody Chemical
Rust Proofing


Heavy Duty Chemical 
Rust Proofing

$895 (RRP $995)


A vehicle’s life span will vary accordingly to the amount of care you put into it. Thus, you can easily avoid exposure to moisture, air pollutants, and dirt. If you are residing near a beach or driving near the coast from time to time, salt particles mixed with the air may cause serious damages to your vehicle. Leaving your vehicle outside may expose it to damaging elements such as snow, rain, dust, dirt, and even bird droppings. Exposure to these damaging substances may result in the accumulation of rust which decreases your vehicle’s life span.
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chemical rust proofing
chemical rust proofing


It is an Iron Oxide, or more commonly known as rust. This can be form when the iron and oxygen reacts with moisture for a long period of time. Rust, aside from its unattractive look, is generally known to weaken metal. Luckily, with the help of electronic rust proofing, you can protect and extend your vehicle’s life span. Moreover, this process can save you a ton of cash in maintenance.Wanting to know more about leather protection, check this blog.


Rust is the normal electrochemical process of metals returning to their natural unrefined state. It occurs when Iron, Oxygen and Water (air moisture) combine. The rusting process accelerates when the iron will subject to nature’s minerals, chemicals and temperature fluctuations.

chemical rust proofing

Chemical Rust Proofing is the process of delaying or preventing the formation of rust by applying treatment or surface finishing to your vehicle’s paint.

Here are some benefits of having your vehicle rust proofed:


There is no doubt that rust proofing can dramatically increase your vehicle’s life span.


A vehicle that undergoes rust proofing services, it has a higher reselling value than vehicles that are not.


Rust proofing services are cheaper than maintaining and repairing damages caused by rust.


Rust Proofing services give a vehicle a certain shine that adds to the class of your vehicle.


Ceramic protection uses heavy-duty chemical protection products that are perfect in any type of vehicle. It protects your 4WD, ute, truck, commercial vehicle, van, trailer or car against salt and water corrosion. This stops rust from forming and retards further oxidation of any minor rust already present.
We begin by completely cleaning your vehicle using high-pressure steam. This is to get rid of all sand, salt, and road debris so they do not become trapped under the rustproofing sealant. Once the underbody is clean and dry, we apply rust penetrating oil/formula. Applied in the whole underbody to stop rust in its tracks and prolong and prevent any rust formation. We then apply a professional heavy duty bitumen based product to seal all vulnerable areas of the underbody. We coat the vehicle underbody from the firewall back. The entire chassis rails and all suspension components up to the brake backing plate.
This process gives the added benefit of sealing folded sheet metal panels for added sound deadening and to prevent red dirt ingress. On hollow internal cavities like doors, rocker panels, chassis,cross members, etc we apply a specialized cavity wax. Thanks to its creeping properties it penetrates to ensure thorough protective coverage. These chemicals act as an active participant in your fight to keep your car well maintained and free of dreaded rust.
The total process takes up to two days during which time you can feel safe to leave your vehicle on our secure locked up premises. We advise no beach or 4×4 driving for 2 weeks post chemical rustproofing to allow chemicals to cure.
If you are thinking of Rust Proofing your vehicle then you’re on the right track. Have your vehicle rust proofed only by the best! Contact us today for more information. If you are looking for a rust proofing brisbane, ceramic coating spray and tintacar expert, check this link!


1. What are Benefits of Rustproofing?

  • Easier to clean sand, mud and dirt off the underside of the vehicle.
  • Improved aesthetics with black bitumen in the wheel arches.

2. How to clean my car before it can be sprayed underneath?

  • All cleaning preparation is included in the cost of the service.

3. How long before I can drive on the beach after rust proofing?

  • With the standard bitumen solution 3 weeks curing time is recommended. Our more expensive resin based product has a curing time of 24 hours.

4. What warranty do you offer?

  • Electronic has a 10 year manufactuerer warranty from Couplertec, warranty starts from build date and requires yearly checks. Our chemical rust proofing has a 10 year guarantee as long as yearly top ups and inspections are performed for $155.

5. What if my car has existing rust?

  • We will remove flaking rust at $50 p/h for chemical and can’t warrant any rusted areas with electric. Our chemical rust inhibiting layer will seal and prevent further rusting.

6. Do I need to make an appointment for my car?

  • Yes, the best lead time for bookings is 1 week.

7. Do I need to have my protection done when the vehicle is brand new? 

  • This is the best option for future corrosion protection and warranty.

8. Do I get a discount for rust proofing my fleet? 

  • Yes, talk with a representative about this and a bulk discount will be applied.

9. What differentiates your service from others?

  • We spend more time during preparation, use more product and guarantee a quality result.

10. How does weather affect the rust proof treatment?

  • It will not affect any rust proofing treatments.

11. Can the undercoating application wash off?

  • Only if you drove through a river of kerosene.

12. When is the best time to rust proof my vehicle?

  • Whenever you aren’t planning to go off road for 3 weeks.

13. When do I need to reapply the rust proofing / undercoating?

  • Yearly we will top up the coating.

14. Why should I rust proof my vehicle?

  • To prevent expensive repair from enjoying Australia’s rust causing beaches and red deserts.

15. What rust protection is best?

  • Electronic and chemical spray working in combination.