Rust is one of the biggest problems you may encounter on your vehicle. Car metal oxidation or rust typically occur when the vehicle metal is exposed to oxygen, water and iron. The chemical reaction between  metal and  the elements above can cause rust formation. If you own a 4wd, your car will surely be exposed to these elements. So if you want to avoid or get rid of the rust that may harm your vehicle, then rust proofing is your best option. Read this full article and discover the best 4wd car rust proofing Brisbane and everything you need to know about it.


What is vehicle rust proofing? 

The benefits of rust proofing

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The war against rust may be ultimately unwinnable, but rustproofing and undercoating can help you win the battle. Rust proofing is a permanent protection against rust. It helps delay the chemical reaction between rust and other elements. Undercoating, on the other hand, protects rust by spraying chemical protection on car underbody or chassis. Once the chemical protection product hardens, it acts as a barrier that keeps out moisture, salt, and other substances.


What is the best rust protection for 4wd? 

So if you’re looking for the best rust protection for your 4WD, You’re pretty much wanting one thing – No rust in your vehicle. But before you purchase or undergo any rust protection services, make sure to discover your options, price range , and the result that you’ll expect. 

To make sure you get the best rust protection for your vehicle, we’ve broken down these options side-by-side to give you everything you need to make a confident buying decision. So basically, there are two options that you may try, the Underbody rust protection and electronic rust proofing systems.


1. Underbody Rust Protection 

undercarriage rust proofing

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It uses a heavy duty chemical protection product which stops rusting from taking in the first place. This is not just perfect for 4WD but also for any other type of vehicle such as ute, truck, commercial vehicle, van and trailer. 4WD underbody rust protection provides protection against salt and water corrosion. To give you more heads up for this option, below are the advantages, disadvantages and price range around Brisbane for Underbody Rust Protection Services. 




  • Immediately stops rust from forming
  • Professionally applied
  • It prevent structural and surface rust




  • Requires re-application and maintenance (check-ups every 6-12 months)
  • Only work on the areas applied
  • Don’t cover the entire vehicle


The Price range starts at $595 to $795


2. Electronic rust proofing Systems 

Electronic Module rust proofing

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Uses a unique capacitive coupling technology that helps protect vehicles from highly expensive corrosion and rusting. It helps stop or slow the reaction by replacing the electrons in the vehicle using a negative charge. One of the most famous Electronic rust proofing systems is couplertech. Couplertec electronic rustproofing is considered to be the world leader manufacturer and supplier of ERS for the Automotive and Heavy Equipment industries. By having Couplertec rust protection can definitely prolong the life of your vehicle and it stops rust from both forming and spreading. 




  • Protect the entire vehicle
  • No re-application or maintenance needed
  • It comes with 10 Year Nationwide corrosion Warranty
  • Work on vehicles with or without rust




  • It is a bit pricey
  • Don’t Protect Against Surface Rust
  • Its quality and result is brand dependent 


Compared to Underbody Rust Protection, Electronic rust proofing Systems is more expensive but it has long lasting quality results. The Price range starts at $800 to $1700.


What is best rust protection for beach driving? 

4wd rust proofing beach driving

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One of the extreme activities that you can take in your 4wd car is beach driving. But did you know that driving your 4wd through salt water can be a nightmare?  As mentioned above, all of the metal that makes up your 4WD is vulnerable to rust. 

Thus, regardless of a 4WD’s age, rust is a serious threat. Driving through salt water in your 4WD is the best way to start a very expensive journey of future rust repairs. So, if you are one of those who love driving into salt water make sure to protect your 4wd with the options above. We recommend to do both or at least undergo Electronic rust proofing Systems. 



As you can see, rust proofing or rust protection plays a significant role in maintaining your vehicle’s life span. Hopefully with the guide and reviews above, you now have a better understanding of your options for rust protection. 

If you have a hard time choosing and you are curious about whether you can do both? The answer will absolutely YES. A ‘combo’ approach is probably the best level of protection you can have – however, it may be necessary and will vary from person to person.