Some people might choose to tint their car windows to their benefits. But some might disagree because it’s a waste of cash. They might have experienced poor quality with the tints they bought. It could be their first time in doing so. Tint a car is a responsibility and is your choice. A poor paint job is the identical thing. Having good car tints gives you privacy and luxury. Of course, good car tints come from experts that can apply the tints. Confirming that there aren’t any bumps, scratches or other casualties within the process. Mistakes often happen when applying car tints to your windows.


Window Tinting Tips and Tricks You Should Follow

If you’re planning to DIY your own window tint or opt for detailers services, it is important to know first the tips and tricks that you should know to make sure that you have the best quality result for your window tint. To help you out, below are some of the proven tips and tricks you or your detailer should consider before applying any tint. 


Make Sure to Abide With Window Tinting Laws

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This is an important thing to try to forestall yourself from stepping into trouble. You have to confirm to test window tinting laws at your own location. The window tint of your car should let at least 70% of sunlight go through the front window. In some areas, car owners can only tint at least the upper 4- 6 inches of their windshield. 

In some areas, tinting your window colors like red, blue, green, etc. isn’t allowed or taken into account. Although in some states only officials can have such car tints.


Prepare the correct Supplies

After choosing the correct type of window tint, gathering other supplies that you need. You can now proceed with the window tint installation. After, don’t forget to do a weather check to make sure that rain doesn’t interrupt the tint application. Moreover, check if the supplies are working.


Prepare the Area

Tint a car: Prepare the Area

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The vehicle’s glass should be clean from fingerprints and from any dirt or dust. In doing so, the window tint will bond with the windows well. it’s preferable to clean the car beforehand. Note that you should use soap made for cleaning automobiles. After washing, dry the car with a lint free towel.


Avoid and take away Bubbles

Tint a car: Avoid and take away Bubbles

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Apply it employing a squeegee to put in the film , ranging from the upper left corner to avoid bubbles. you’ll use a heat gun so the film will shrink on the glass. This can also make moisture evaporate and improve the film’s adhesion.


Care for the Window Tint 

This tip you should keep in mind after the window tint installation. You must expect 3 days for the window to dry before lowering the windows. You should not clean the car window for 30 days.

After 30 days, you could clean the windows of your car. Using an ammonia-free cleaner of any cloth manufactured from soft materials. 

There are other window tinting tips, but those are the ones that you should follow for beginners.


How to Fix Window Tint Wrinkles ?

Another tint a car common mistake is tint wrinkles. If you’re looking for answer on how to correct and fix this problem, then just have to follow the easy steps below.  


  • Step 1

Use water to spray the perimeters of the wrinkled area and saturate them. Work one blade into a corner, and lift the tint from the window. This method is simpler with newer tints, because the film layers tend to separate and tear. Spray water on the lifted area, working it with the blade until reaching the wrinkled area. Spray a liberal amount of water on the film and glass.


  • Step 2

Pull back the wrinkled area, then spray a liberal amount of water on the film and glass. Wipe any excess or drips with a towel. Don’t tear or pull the undamaged tint; the target is to finish with the tint in one piece.

Squeegee the film back onto the window, removing any air bubbles to the edge. Start from the inner area, near the untouched area of the tint. Work the film back onto the window, and permit it to dry for about an hour. With any luck, the glue won’t harden with age and also the film will apply as transparent.


How to Fix window Tint Bubbles after Installation?

One of the tint a car common mistake is bubbles. If you are looking for answers on how to fix this problem, then you’re in the right place. This is the easiest way to fix tint bubbles if you are saving cash:


  • Expose the car outside within the sun to warm the window. If the weather isn’t warm, use a blow dryer.
  • Misting the window with room-temperature water can help moisten the tint. Be careful  not to soak the window.
  • Poke a little hole in each bubble with a pin. the opening has to be tiny, and watch out to not rip the film.
  • Make sure the window is still warm and moist, then use a master card or any straight edge to smooth the air bubbles. 
  • Smooth the bubble moving to the edge of the tint closest to the bubble. Hold the cardboard at a 45-angle to avoid any damages.
  • Dry the window with a lint-free cloth, and check for other damages or bubbles.


This may well be an extended and difficult task to do. Although errors often happen that damages the window. Use caution when doing this. Damages to car windows is additionally a risk. Although a standard mistake is that of shopping for an occasional quality tint for your car. While it poses lots of risks, it still has its benefits that offer you privacy. Always use caution when buying tints for your car to remain out of trouble.