Why have my headlights oxidised, yellowed, or faded?

Over the past 40 years polycarbonate plastic headlights have been the preferred option for vehicle manufacturers worldwide. These types of headlights are cheaper to produce, lighter and more resistant to breakage. These headlights normally come coated with a protectant or sealant.
Over time, particularly in Australia, plastic headlights heat up and as such, expand their molecular structure. As the heat expands, the lens absorbs environmental contaminants causing what seems to start out as a small infection. Over time, without treatment, will continue to deteriorate and discolour.
We have seen, here at Timeless; the discoloured, cloudy, or foggy headlights not only makes the vehicle look unsightly, but it also reduces the amount light the lamp can produce through the lens of the headlight; severely reducing visibility.

How do you fix it?4

There are many DIY treatments, some of which helps to reduce this oxidation; some of which can cause permanent damage to the lens. Understanding the severity can help determine what the next steps to rectify it are. In the automotive industry the consensus is wet sanding headlights is the best way to get the best results. We do this by starting from between 800-1000 grit of sandpaper and finishing with a 3000 grit then a course cutting compound, followed by a finishing compound.
It is essential that all safety precautions be followed when performing this kind of service. This includes, but is not limited to: PPE (gloves, glasses, first aid kit), masking of the vehicle around the lens, ensuring safe workspace, etc..
It is

headlight lens restoration

recommended to be performed by professionals. Timeless Pro Detailing, Slacks Creek, Northgate, Brisbane, are the only professionals you need!

How can I make sure this doesn’t happen again?

At Timeless Brisbane, once all the oxidation has been removed and the lens is clear again it’s now time to ensure it doesn’t resort back to its damaged state. Here at Timeless Car Cleaning, Northgate & Timeless Pro Detailing, Slacks Creek you can drive assured that you’ll have the clearest lens possible if you have been suffering from the oxidised headlights, yellowed headlights or the “fogged over” effect.