Car wash is a process where a vehicle undergoes overall clean up for both exterior and interior to wash out every dirt, mud, stains and other harmful particles. This process can be a self-serve, fully automated, or full-service by professionals or by car detailing shop. Underbody Wash can help car owners maintain and detail vehicles to achieve its long lasting life span. Knowing this is also crucial for someone who constantly goes to beach trip.

Car engine bay washing is also a good method to keep your interiors clean.

However, in the detailing world, what some detailers and car owners usually mislook is underbody car wash. Underbody is a part that is not normally visible, thus car owners tend to overlook it, without even noticing how important underbody is to the car’s functionality.

In a vehicle, the undercarriage is more prone to dirt and grime since it is at the bottom. Dirt and grime can build up overtime from the road and other places a driver may go. The undercarriage consists of drainage holes that can get clogged or restricted due to this build-up. To prevent this, underbody wash is important and must be done regularly. In this article you will learn not just the importance of underbody wash but also the proper way of doing it!

Car engine bay washing is also a good method to keep your interiors clean

Is Underbody Wash Safe?

washing the undercarriage
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A full car detailing cannot be complete without paying attention to the bottom part of the vehicle. So if you are wondering if it is safe? Absolutely yes and it is important for the overall maintenance. It is advisable to have the undercarriage of your vehicle washed on a seasonal basis but if you take your automobile off-roading, live out in the country, or otherwise end up in an area that’s muddy, you’ll want to increase its schedule. Car engine bay washing is also a good method to keep your interiors clean

There are a lot of benefits that you can get in underbody wash, one of which helps to prevent rust. Rocks and other particles can chip an undercarriage when driving on rough road or gravel, leaving bare metal exposed. This metal is vulnerable to rust when it is exposed to moisture. So, the only way to get rid of these harmful particles is underbody wash and rust proofing by using chemical products to protect the metal component of the undercarriage. 

How to Clean the Underbody of a Car The Right Way?

Most people focus only on the exterior and interior of their cars because it is visible. But in maintaining a vehicle It should be a routine to start with the roof and work your way down to the bottom car trim. However, car owners tend to forget about the underneath of the vehicle. Knowing how to clean the undercarriage of a car is important for the overall maintenance.

Furthermore, if you are one of the many who are worried that underbody might hurt or is not safe for a vehicle, then you must learn its Step-by-step process in achieving clean and rust free undercarriage. These are the do’s and don’t that you should follow as well as the products and equipment you will be using. Before we proceed to the steps, follow first the preparations below before doing underbody  wash:

Clean the Underbody of a Car
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Check the Condition

Washing the underneath of the vehicle should be done on a seasonal basis, so it is important to check the vehicle’s condition. This is a process where you examine the vehicle if it needs an undercarriage wash. One of the effective ways in determining this is by using a flashlight and laying down the car to check the amount of dirt and grime present underneath the vehicle.

On the other hand, a professional detailer’s way of checking the condition is by Lifting the car high. Over time your vehicle will collect dirt and debris from the roads that stick to the bottom, so checking it regularly can help you determine whether or not the undercarriage needs car wash.

Prepare the Tools and Equipment Needed

Doing underbody car wash will not be possible without the help of tools and protective chemical products that will clean and protect the undercarriage. One of the most important tools you will need is – high pressure washer. The strength high pressure allows you to remove the debris easier. Brush and other solutions might be needed as well; it depends on how tough the stains and dirts present. Car jacks and other detailing tools are also necessary in case there are loosen bolts in the undercarriage that need to be tightened.

Now that the Tools and Products are ready, you can then proceed to the steps in washing your vehicles underbody.

Step 1: Lifting the Car or Laying down

To properly clean the undercarriage, for professionals they usually use lifted trucks or even use car jacks to remove the wheels to place the car high enough so that it will be easier for the detailers to clean and wash thoroughly the entire underbody.

For self-service and for those who undergo undercarriage wash at home, you can also remove the wheels or even use lifting tools that are available.

Step 2: Grabbing High Pressure Washer

Grabbing Pressure Washer
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Once the vehicle is set and lifted at a right position, you can then grab a high pressure washer and start from the front of the vehicle and work your way down. Section off the car and spray it in sections, that way you don’t miss anything.

Most of the time, holding the wand at a 45-degree angle works effectively, but this might be difficult for this task. If you are able, this helps to remove more debris.

Step 3: Scrub and Brush

Scrub and Brush
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When using a pressure washer, it eliminates all the debris under the vehicle. However in instances where the undercarriage is extremely dirty, using only a pressure washer won’t be enough. This is where you will perform the 3rd step.

Scrubbing and brushing directly the dirt will assure to remove tough dirt, mud and debris. It is also best to use any car cleaning solution and set for a couple of minutes before scrubbing the surface and repeat as needed. In that way you can assure the maximum cleanliness of the undercarriage of the car.

Step 4: Check Again and Repeat

If you’re done completing the third step and use cleaner, spray down the entire undercarriage with the pressure washer a second time. This will remove any remaining solution, as well as, it allows you to see if the dirt was totally removed.

Step 5: Use Metal Protectant Product

Once you are done with the first four steps, let it dry and while the car is still lifted, it might be a good idea to add a protective product to the metal. This product can help you protect against any damage that moisture or dirt might cause. Additionally, this will keep the vehicle clean and maintained for a longer period of time.

Underbody Wash Near Me?

Around the Brisbane area, there are numerous professionals and car detailing shops that offer several services such as rust proofing including car beach wash service. But the question is, which one offers the best undercarriage beach wash service. To help you decide, here a list of top car detailing shop that you might consider choosing:

1. Timeless Car Cleaning – This shop is located Toombul Rd Northgate QLD that offers different kinds of detailing services such as car paint protection, underbody electronic & chemical rust proofing, window tinting, leather & fabric protection, and different kinds of wash including undercarriage wash. The shop is popular in the area that also offers pick-up/drop off Brisbane mobile detailer services.

2. Zoom Carwash Alderley – This shop on the other hand is located at Alderley QLD that only offers car beach wash service. They have different promos that include underbody car wash. The shop promises you a super clean and super fast finish.

3. 4×4 Rust Proofing & Beach Wash – They are located at Timms Rd, Everton Hills QLD. This shop specializes in providing rust protection services. Furthermore, the shop offers undercarriage wash and beach wash service.

5. IMO Carwash – Another option in this list is this shop that provides the best car beach wash service in the area. They are located at Beams Rd, Taigum QLD 4018. Their car beach wash service use a unique system to provide quality, speed and value for money at more than 280 car wash locations.

6. Wash ‘N’ Go – This shop washes and cleans all size vehicles, cars, vans, limousines, buses and motorhomes. They offer hand wash, auto car wash, full service car wash and detailing. It is located at Tenbar St, Tingalpa QLD. 


Knowing the importance of underbody automatic car wash brisbane and how to clean it properly is important, but can be a daunting task. If this seems too difficult but consider taking it as this will serve as a right decision for you to achieve a longer vehicle lifespan.

Also, if you opt for professionals and a car detailing shop to do an undercarriage wash for you, then make sure they have the necessary tools and follow all the steps above. Also, check if they have the proper equipment and tools needed to thoroughly clean your vehicle’s underbody.

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