bitumen paint facts
bitumen paint facts

What’s the use of Bituminous Paints in Vehicles?

Bitumen paint has been used for decades on vehicles and other surfaces to protect against corrosion. Bitumen paint has been found to be very effective protection against corrosion. It is a bituminous-based paint, and it contains a binder resin and a pigment. The binder resin and the pigment are usually acrylic based.

The Bitumen paint is most commonly used on roadways, and parking lots, and is applied in the winter. It is also used on steel structures to protect against corrosion. The bitumen paint is usually applied in one coat thickness.

Fibre Cement Sheeting

Fibre Cement sheeting is a kind of material that is used in construction projects to provide protection against moisture and fire. It is a very useful product for both commercial and residential construction projects.

There are many benefits to using cement sheeting. These include, but are not limited to, keeping the surrounding area dry, preventing the spread of fire, protecting the walls from damage caused by moisture, keeping the wall safe from insect infestation, keeping the area free from mold growth, and keeping the area free from the presence of pests.

Existing Bitumen Membranes

Existing Bitumen membranes are used for water treatment and separation. They are mainly used for treating water for drinking and industrial purposes. These membranes can be used for the desalination of seawater and the purification of industrial wastewater.

What is a Bitumen Membrane?

It is a special type of polymer membrane used to separate solids from liquids. It is basically made up of tiny pores and is used for separating substances in a liquid. They are mostly made up of a bitumen base.

Bitumen membranes are generally made from a polymer matrix of bitumen and polymers. They are usually prepared by phase inversion. They are thin and flexible and can be used for the desalination of seawater.

Why Bitumen Membranes are Used for Water Treatment?

The main purpose of bitumen membranes is to separate substances in a liquid. They are mainly used to treat wastewater. They are effective in removing impurities from water. They are also used to remove suspended solids from wastewater.

Advantages of Bitumen Membranes

1. It is a non-biological membrane that does not require the presence of living organisms.

2. They are inexpensive and can be used for large scale applications.

3. They are resistant to harsh chemicals and can withstand high temperature.

4. They are highly efficient and cost-effective.

5. They are easily recycled.

6. They do not pollute the environment.

7. They are easy to clean.

8. They do not require any chemical additives.

9. They do not require a constant supply of electricity.

10. They are durable.

11. They are non-porous and can be used for a wide range of applications.

12. They are easy to manufacture.

What is a Bituminous Paint

Bituminous paints are used for exterior surfaces that experience extreme weather conditions such as snow, rain, wind, sun, and hail. These paints are known to hold up well under these conditions and provide protection from damage.

Bituminous paint is a type of paint that is specifically designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and provide long-lasting protection. Bituminous paints should only be applied by professionals.

rust proofing using bitumen paint
rust proofing using bitumen paint

Why is Bitumen Paint used in Vehicles?

Bitumen is used for its adhesive properties, and it has been used for quite some time. Its major drawback is that it cannot be mixed with water. It has to be applied dry. It is used mainly on roads and streets as a waterproofing agent. Bitumen is also used on construction sites, for coating tanks, and for repairing road surfaces. It is also used as a protective layer for the exterior of vehicles.


Corrosion is a natural process that converts any type of metal into chemical form such as oxide, hydroxide, or sulfide. This process includes slow destruction of materials by chemical reaction from the environment, the same environment we live in. Being in a country like Australia, It is unavoidable. A prized asset such as your car can suffer from corrosion or more commonly known as Rust. Corrosion is unavoidable and being in a country like Australia, it is worse than usual. There are a few different ways to resolve this issue but one of the best ways is to apply Rust Proof Paint.

Rust Proof Paint is made up of hard bitumen

Rust Proof Paint is made up of hard bitumen that creates a barrier to protect surfaces. This paint will protect the surface from rust, oxidization, sunlight & weather exposure. It is most commonly applied on metals, such as the underbody of your vehicle. When it is applied on your vehicle’s underbody, it adds some key benefits such as harden surface to help protect from debris, easier to clean and looks somewhat aesthetically pleasing. This paint can withstand some of the harshest environments but like all paints, it is not invulnerable. This makes for a very cost-effective solution to prolong the life of your vehicle, for example. Vehicles that are situated in the Mining sites rust very quickly. The environment is detrimental to the vehicle causing this unavoidable issue to come about as quick as 6 months. Using rust proof paint extends the life of these vehicles, slow down the process of up to 2 years. This proves the point of this option being a great investment that will pay more than itself off in the long term. Another frequently overlooked corrosive environment would be the beach and not necessary on the beach, but next to the beach. The salt in the air caused by the beaches can cause damage, speeding up the process of rust on your vehicle. This paint is tough and thick, adding noticeable sound deadening. You have probably seen those big 4x4s with aftermarket mud tyres on the bitumen roads, they give an awful noisy road when the car is moving. This is not the best solution to sound deadening, but a nice benefit considering the product’s main purpose. Alongside the purpose and all the benefits, it looks great! The whole underbody becomes a smooth, textured and uniformed look which makes cleaning straight forward This rust proof paint is safe on almost all automotive parts, although you must keep in mind it does add thickness. You may see this paint becoming worn under the wheel’s arches faster than usual. This is due to driving on a sand/grained surface at speed, almost like sand blasting the area. With the product applied, it saves your original factory paint from becoming damaged from this process. Rust proof paint has a variety of benefits with its main purpose of physically protecting your vehicle from corrosion.

Rust proof paint is a product that should be applied by a professional

Rust proof paint is a product that should be applied by a professional. Most companies will somewhat warrant this product to give you peace of mind. The surface must be clean and dry to ensure the paint bonds correctly. If the surface is still contaminated prior to application, this can shorten the longevity of the product sticking. Brush, Spray & Roller are viable methods to apply the product, although spray is the most effective. Mineral turps & chemicals with a similar natural can remove the rust proof paint at any stage of its life, although in the 6-18 months would be difficult. The product needs a minimum 14 days to cure before it should be tested i.e., 4wding on a beach. After the product has cured, it will be at full strength to prevent corrosion.

There are other competitor products that I do not recommend. Some of these are made up from rubber which in theory seems stronger but it has faulty downfall. When a rubberised rust proof paint is hit/exposed, water can get behind the coat, trap the moisture and rust the vehicle inside out without you even knowing. Back 20-30 years ago this was a popular rust proof paint option but at the present, it is well known for this issue. With new and improved products such as Black Bitumen tar-based paint that work better than this product, it’s very uncommon companies will still apply rubberised type paint.

Rust proof paint truly is the best, most affordable option to protect your vehicle from rust. In a country like Australia, rust is inevitable which is why I highly recommend rust proof paint. And for other protection for your car you can also check electronic rust proofing and chemical rust protection and rust protection. Aside from our detailing services, we also offer different types of window tint and tint a car. For more information, check this link.